Saturday, January 26, 2013

Full moon prestidigitation!

(A full moon reverie--dedicated to Carolyn Kent, PhD)

Vedo hum!

Still and silent sing indigo nights of winter,
Recalling, recall chants and distant memories
of ancient mysteries-
All vibrant in the sounds of eternal joy
Contained within the Glory of the Self...

Still through silent slumber sleeping,
Quiet watch our angels keeping
Vaulting, vault cartwheels of glory seen
In transcendent evaporation of

Being, pure being floating, floats
Like silvery, giant lunaria seed bursting
Bursts Into full moon of aquamarine,
Shining, glowing, glows as ancient memory

Hung across midnight deeps of
Orion's mighty strides! Warrior steps
In midnight glory match clear sounds
Of trumpets' blast: Awake, sleepers

Awake like million points of light
Shed new galaxies of delight.
Gathering, gather unto Mother's heart,
Pink universe swirls in mountain peak

Of silence, hushed by happy greening relative,
Empty spaces filled with light, triggered
Glow of Agni's fiery splendor.
Waits, waiting for orange, great fire at

Cotton stitched beginning of dawn comes with
Radiance to engulf soft dynamism of NOW.
Nights of winter sing in golden silence, gentle
Humor hugs green nod of snow drops waving.

Winter yawns in delirious sleep and quietude
While spring stretches first echo of bright
Deep within the quiet, stilly full moon's
Promise, a silken leaf in worlds of white.

Pearls of winter luster become
Snowflakes resting, rest on full moon's smile.
Quiet promises titillate anticipated

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