Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Russian Snow Princess

Like a Russian snow princess tossing, tosses
Stars and flakes among chilled, transparent winds,
Blue and green against diamond air
Roundelays of wonderment prevail!
Woodlands hushed by sleeping trees
Wrapped in cloaks of green and shawls of white
Sing a silence of frozen beauty's acumen.

Cold, like grapes frozen on the vine,
yearn for sun to fall into succulent
Dreams for pallets fine, a burst of
hidden wine, sleeps in winter's splendor.

Mysteries shade like umber gardens
Lost beneath the hoary breath.
Resilient seeds waiting, push against
Earth's dusky core, a wondering and

Yearning for new photosynthesis;
Polychrome certainties painted in
green veneers and splashes of pink hope
Locked in golden clasp, await crystal
Key of dominion, velvet hush of growth

And Waits to lengthen into spring nights-
Holding lanterns of bulbs, glowing, nod
In fractal patterns, rising in blue air.

Redolent question marks rise and mark
Ruby air with trust and suspicion caught
In harp strings' meanderings, radiant as
Sandalwood, rising like geese in the north.

Melting in orange western sky,
One redwood apparition snow princess, heaves
A sigh of moons and stars, glittering,
Fading like Haley's comet, streaking into
New worlds of queenly dominion.

Let the waltz begin, Russian dreams sleep until
winter-tide....and ring like crocus in the snow while
Russian snow princess tossing, tosses
Stars and snowflakes warming
chilled, transparent wind,
Silent, solitude moving in the gap.

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