Saturday, January 26, 2013

Full moon prestidigitation!

(A full moon reverie--dedicated to Carolyn Kent, PhD)

Vedo hum!

Still and silent sing indigo nights of winter,
Recalling, recall chants and distant memories
of ancient mysteries-
All vibrant in the sounds of eternal joy
Contained within the Glory of the Self...

Still through silent slumber sleeping,
Quiet watch our angels keeping
Vaulting, vault cartwheels of glory seen
In transcendent evaporation of

Being, pure being floating, floats
Like silvery, giant lunaria seed bursting
Bursts Into full moon of aquamarine,
Shining, glowing, glows as ancient memory

Hung across midnight deeps of
Orion's mighty strides! Warrior steps
In midnight glory match clear sounds
Of trumpets' blast: Awake, sleepers

Awake like million points of light
Shed new galaxies of delight.
Gathering, gather unto Mother's heart,
Pink universe swirls in mountain peak

Of silence, hushed by happy greening relative,
Empty spaces filled with light, triggered
Glow of Agni's fiery splendor.
Waits, waiting for orange, great fire at

Cotton stitched beginning of dawn comes with
Radiance to engulf soft dynamism of NOW.
Nights of winter sing in golden silence, gentle
Humor hugs green nod of snow drops waving.

Winter yawns in delirious sleep and quietude
While spring stretches first echo of bright
Deep within the quiet, stilly full moon's
Promise, a silken leaf in worlds of white.

Pearls of winter luster become
Snowflakes resting, rest on full moon's smile.
Quiet promises titillate anticipated

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


A dragon danced, round and round
In America, America parade of
Shards past, mellow as Indian
Maidens twirling, twirling
As feathers flying, flying
Herald drum beats, beating, beating
In the silent swift chambers of
Eagles that fly with penetrating
Eye while claws wait to grasp.

Parade, parade trumpets' blast!
While cacophony of bands tweak
Winter air in sunshine music,
Notes cascade like fish flowing,
Flowing in a river of sound.

Touch the stones, grey, black
While winter smiles behind
Velvet cloaks of crystal snow.
Philosophers and clowns
Each in color coded costumes,
Streams of diversity raced,
Jumbled in a thousand eyes,
That search and wonder
America, America a parade,
Circling blue orb of Earth,

As nations watch and
Whirl in sticky splendor,
Sandalwood airs salute,
Soldiers raise brown gauntlets
As leaders clap and wait.

Eagle, music, wheels
Spin like cotton candy,
Vertiginous desires,
Sweet as winter ice cream
Scooped into parade of dreams.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Please enjoy the Russian Snow princess photo below!!

Russian Snow Princess

Like a Russian snow princess tossing, tosses
Stars and flakes among chilled, transparent winds,
Blue and green against diamond air
Roundelays of wonderment prevail!
Woodlands hushed by sleeping trees
Wrapped in cloaks of green and shawls of white
Sing a silence of frozen beauty's acumen.

Cold, like grapes frozen on the vine,
yearn for sun to fall into succulent
Dreams for pallets fine, a burst of
hidden wine, sleeps in winter's splendor.

Mysteries shade like umber gardens
Lost beneath the hoary breath.
Resilient seeds waiting, push against
Earth's dusky core, a wondering and

Yearning for new photosynthesis;
Polychrome certainties painted in
green veneers and splashes of pink hope
Locked in golden clasp, await crystal
Key of dominion, velvet hush of growth

And Waits to lengthen into spring nights-
Holding lanterns of bulbs, glowing, nod
In fractal patterns, rising in blue air.

Redolent question marks rise and mark
Ruby air with trust and suspicion caught
In harp strings' meanderings, radiant as
Sandalwood, rising like geese in the north.

Melting in orange western sky,
One redwood apparition snow princess, heaves
A sigh of moons and stars, glittering,
Fading like Haley's comet, streaking into
New worlds of queenly dominion.

Let the waltz begin, Russian dreams sleep until
winter-tide....and ring like crocus in the snow while
Russian snow princess tossing, tosses
Stars and snowflakes warming
chilled, transparent wind,
Silent, solitude moving in the gap.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wildcat drilling..and that is NOT Texas

Rover, red rover, let MARS come over..
Better than going in and out the windows,
In and out the windows, let the
Dig begin; Red planet Mars, horizon
Stretched like a new day, basking
In ruby fine gleaming dust and blackened lava rock;

Ancient secrets hold sway with
One ton robot, the darling son of
Science, drilling like a controlled
Wildcat, spurning civilities amidst
Churning rock and memories,

Eyes on earth peer years forward
Stretching curiosity's grip on
Arid, dusty lands, twirling in
Infinity, turning in ancient rocks, pink dust
While sounds unheard dig and delve!

"You can see for your selves, the
Mounds dug by Diggory Delvet!" ..not a
Little old man in black velvet, a
Gleaming robot, proud with outstretched
Mechanical arms, like surreal spiders spinning
New dreams and wanderings, musings on
MARS! Dig and delve...

Breakfast skipped; sunrise run melts on cool
Agendas while pictures click and
Samples slide into a cave of numbers,
Dancing, exploiting and
SUMMARIZE the fine morning mist,
Cooling light flickers on sifted
Dust, red and wonderful:
Machines on Mars wait for Man

Monday, January 14, 2013

First snow fall Tokoyo

10:29 pm January 15, 2013
TexasRose wrote comments in WSJ:

Delightful photos of snow blanketing the imperial palace and the imperial ladies, “coming of age”! What a lovely metaphor of ice and warm smiles behind Asian aesthetics of umbrellas and rose printed silk–beautiful photos. Thank you for posting an international, uplifting pictorial essay. The snow piles lightly amassing no match for the brutal mid-west snow tigers, however.

Tokyo’s First Snow Storm
Please enjoy the link!! From

Friday, January 11, 2013

Three in one year!

Happy January 11, 2013, year of three and one! Three and one in one reality: knower, knowing and known! One unbounded ocean of consciousness in motion, as the Veda Lila sings. Lovely truth brings bliss and greater understanding to the Day of Days: today!!

from 1-1-13:
New Year Haiku:
Frolic Horns

Midnight Angel horns
Blow. Notes dance in chilly air,
Distant, airy lands

Brought close as bee cells
O'wrought with oozing honey.
Sweet blue and green sounds.

Raise crystal wings and Dance new fable frolic.
Horns melt in sunlit
Climes as new year beckons silence.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Distinctive Guests

2013 Haiku- Minister of Winter

Box elder bugs stare,
Shadows dart grimace
Nature flocks on new year bugs.

Crawling flows easily,
Bug upon bugs socialize
Like kindred spirits stare.

Heave, atlas army!
Clouds of soldiers move
Crying blue tears against snow, ice.

Winter quiet stills
Trees gaunt against icy
Embrace of cold paramour!

Rejoice! Rejoice! Sun
Sheds rainbow crystals
Flickering quiet on white icicles.

Peace reign in hearts of
bugs bound for heaven's splendor.
Quiet, silence moves.

On new year lists

how can you do a
"did" and "done"!? simple:
go! go with the winds of time, quiet.

in deep of winter
washed in quietude,
blue soul sparkles with new snow..

Minister of Winter: Box Elders

Garden in the transcendent sleeps while
Winter watch waits like leaf buds sequestered.
Cool day wet with mist and rain simmers, pouts
Like dead bushes waiting exit to relive as
MULCH! Happy new year unfolds as new Haiku
composed to commemorate the Box Elder Bugs...