Tuesday, January 22, 2013


A dragon danced, round and round
In America, America parade of
Shards past, mellow as Indian
Maidens twirling, twirling
As feathers flying, flying
Herald drum beats, beating, beating
In the silent swift chambers of
Eagles that fly with penetrating
Eye while claws wait to grasp.

Parade, parade trumpets' blast!
While cacophony of bands tweak
Winter air in sunshine music,
Notes cascade like fish flowing,
Flowing in a river of sound.

Touch the stones, grey, black
While winter smiles behind
Velvet cloaks of crystal snow.
Philosophers and clowns
Each in color coded costumes,
Streams of diversity raced,
Jumbled in a thousand eyes,
That search and wonder
America, America a parade,
Circling blue orb of Earth,

As nations watch and
Whirl in sticky splendor,
Sandalwood airs salute,
Soldiers raise brown gauntlets
As leaders clap and wait.

Eagle, music, wheels
Spin like cotton candy,
Vertiginous desires,
Sweet as winter ice cream
Scooped into parade of dreams.

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