Thursday, January 10, 2013

Distinctive Guests

2013 Haiku- Minister of Winter

Box elder bugs stare,
Shadows dart grimace
Nature flocks on new year bugs.

Crawling flows easily,
Bug upon bugs socialize
Like kindred spirits stare.

Heave, atlas army!
Clouds of soldiers move
Crying blue tears against snow, ice.

Winter quiet stills
Trees gaunt against icy
Embrace of cold paramour!

Rejoice! Rejoice! Sun
Sheds rainbow crystals
Flickering quiet on white icicles.

Peace reign in hearts of
bugs bound for heaven's splendor.
Quiet, silence moves.

On new year lists

how can you do a
"did" and "done"!? simple:
go! go with the winds of time, quiet.

in deep of winter
washed in quietude,
blue soul sparkles with new snow..

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