Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wildcat drilling..and that is NOT Texas

Rover, red rover, let MARS come over..
Better than going in and out the windows,
In and out the windows, let the
Dig begin; Red planet Mars, horizon
Stretched like a new day, basking
In ruby fine gleaming dust and blackened lava rock;

Ancient secrets hold sway with
One ton robot, the darling son of
Science, drilling like a controlled
Wildcat, spurning civilities amidst
Churning rock and memories,

Eyes on earth peer years forward
Stretching curiosity's grip on
Arid, dusty lands, twirling in
Infinity, turning in ancient rocks, pink dust
While sounds unheard dig and delve!

"You can see for your selves, the
Mounds dug by Diggory Delvet!" ..not a
Little old man in black velvet, a
Gleaming robot, proud with outstretched
Mechanical arms, like surreal spiders spinning
New dreams and wanderings, musings on
MARS! Dig and delve...

Breakfast skipped; sunrise run melts on cool
Agendas while pictures click and
Samples slide into a cave of numbers,
Dancing, exploiting and
SUMMARIZE the fine morning mist,
Cooling light flickers on sifted
Dust, red and wonderful:
Machines on Mars wait for Man

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