Friday, February 8, 2013

Magic of Marfa, Texas

West Texas Weekly reports from Rice University Professor of Architecture, Carlos Jimenez, who spoke at the Marfa Architecture + Design Symposium this week-end, suggesting the Far West Texas town is a place
“you come to discover something.” Indeed the magic of Marfa--the Marfa lights alone intrigue...whirls in the
silence and beauty of the panoramic landscapes. Jimenez's statements spring from an artistic bent:

“Sometimes it is about vastness, beauty, stillness,

time, sharpness, distance,

light or woven together as in

vastness of light or stillness of time.

Marfa becomes a marvelous chess game for these attributes.” GO BIG BEND!!! Check mate the king or queen.

Worth viewing: dusk in Big Bend country on the fringes of Marfa.

UFO Home

Clouds of light pulse
In gauze of blue, transparent
Like aquamarine pearls,
Gathering phosphorescence
Like a dusty road runner's zip or dash
Quick as wet lightening or
Quick pulses of mystery, moving

Raising ambivalent penchants
For iridescence of lights, flashing.

Flash from Andromeda's mystery?
Or some lost dream from the Pleiades?

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