Monday, May 23, 2011

Congratulations, BRIT!!! Botanical Research Institute of Texas, a grand opening!!

Congratulations, BRIT! Planets to planet indeed!!! Sound the trumpets! Trumpets were sounded like madonna lilies heralding the fullness of summer.

Thank you for a glorious grand opening!!! Preview night heralded a magnificent future and dynamic moments, past and future for education, research in the world of plants and planet.

Grand opening on Saturday, 21 May, 2011 proved a huge, dynamic herbarium-over 1mm specimums- in Texas style!! Bands played; drummers drummed; flaminco dancers twirled; wind blew new vines of honeysuckle, climbing walls and played with prarie grasses set in beautiful walk ways bursting with swaying native grasses, flowers, all happy plants.

Green, living roof reached to the blue vaulted heavens as yellow sun like a bird, darted golden beams of fullfillment. LIVING ROOF, a vibrant metaphor of thriving growth and change, expands in green photosynthesis.

Celebrate! All Enjoyed! Multicultural, multimedia events in music, art, panel discussions, speakers from around the world enlivended this opening of a fabulous, new building, a matrix for sustainable, green awareness- a star spangled conclusion with brilliant sun, native grasses swaying in the wind, gold flowers shining, flags of BRIT, USA, Texas flying--all a glory to all possibilities for the rising tide of new generations. Hail the flags and new beginning set in splendor of nature! Grow, glow living roof and walls, gather more celebrations and invincibility for beauty, joy and happiness, a sustainable, green and expanding world.

All salute the donors, thinkers, achievers of the jewel in the crown of Ft. Worth where the world is won!!!!!! Go BRIT!!! Platinum LEED!! WOW! A bonifide Texas Star!

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