Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fresh Spring Rain

April showers flow blessings on the land. Rain floods the side yard into a very large fairy pool! Crystal droplets dot cool air, and wind whirls another day of chill in the land of Lincoln.

Yet, we celebrate the brave, yellow daffodills nodding heavily in the cold, wet wind. Rise up like blooms; turn to meet a new day. Venture into the dark day as sun shines, hidden in the east and travels through pouting sky, while cerulean promises wait for the rainbows.

Days of shouting victory fall forward as we count dew drops on young blue grape hyacinth. Fragrance close to the damp ground, sweet as mother earth. Spring will etch its new green life and burst into a new renaissance.
Watch and keep the vigils, flowing, glowing like new slanting lines of fresh spring rain.
for today, hurray: fresh spring rain.

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