Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumn Fullness of Zero Motion (two)

Autumn Fullness of Zero Motion,

Line of Equinox slides to
Creeping, fullness, waits for

D E S C E N T, diamond bright,
While leaves hint glorious demise
Tinged in pouting orange, reds, vermillion awakened
As winds sing singing, mock end of summer-tide.

Quiet fullness shocks grey bird bath
Where Jupiter sized green tomato lounges,
And Yearns for heat of Surya, gold
Disc of sun, fullness of churning
Quiet, cosmic blasts of radiant explosions!

O, sun mighty in moving temple of
Bright fragrance and velvet warmth,
Beam like ancient metaphors of Sumer,
Or Ur bowed to mystical yearnings.

Agnis Deo o, Agnis Deo complete
Full circles of wandering, of
Devotion cast from transcendent
Liveliness, pink totality of
Nothingness tip toes on forward
Cusp of seasons, bright as green

Vines exploding past boundaries,
Climbing in exaltation to Divine
Simplicity of green and gold globes,
Wondrous in fullness of Divine
Patterns, outreaching ambrosial tastes,

While sounds Gregorian nudge your
Clear seeded heart, a space for
Wandering, curving back to transparent
Casements, covering joy of Being, of
Sitting in fullness of zero motion.

Bells of Autumn toll like evening vespers,
Rank with solemn finalalities, soft in
Seeds flying, gourds plumping over-sized
Egos of white pumpkins, large as full moon
Shine in fascination and occupy space like
Io frozen in soft outer reaches of Jupiter.

Pater Nosters rise like a river winds to
Sea of promises and merges in chilly airs,
While gourds and squashes sing huge finalities,
Quiet melodies of space sing in celestial raptures,

Witness, witness, see, see turquoise dreams like
Opulent clouds fill white sky of Autumn with
Tear drops of Queen Summer put to rest on
Dahlia hills, while roses drop petals, singing
Codas of perfection, become ocean of blue petunias,

Competing with surging waves of pink and white
Flowering kale, last brave designs of grand fullness.
Kale king of mock roses swell in Autumnal splendor
Like opened faun sized rose buds leap in exaltation!

Leaves unfold like invitations, script in ottava rima,
Announcing Fall festival wrought from zero motion.

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